Smoothies with a Purpose

Learn how smoothies can help your nutritional needs on March 1

Want to learn how to pack in the major nutrients you need for your body
Learn that just a few tweaks to your smoothie can make the biggest difference in your nutrition! Smoothies and juices have become quite the rage over the past 5 years. With juice bars and the like popping up all over, it’s no wonder we have become obsessed with these yummy drinks.

Here is a once-in-a-lifetime Culinary Immersion Tour to Puglia, Italy, renowned for its food and living secrets that promote longevity among its residents. This is your chance to learn and immerse yourself among a culture, lifestyle, and diet that can lead to a healthier, longer life! The question remains, are these smoothies and juices all that they are cracked up to be? We think that drinking a green potion will cure all of our ills, but do you understand the ingredients, and their purpose? Learn at this powerful workshop how to read the labels, understand if they are quality, nourishing drinks or if they are filled with sugar. You’ll also learn how to create your own nourishing custom smoothies at home for half the price!

At our workshop, you will learn how to make smoothies that support and nourish you and your family based on your specific needs. Some of the smoothies with a purpose you’ll learn about are listed below:

Hormonal Balancing Smoothies
Using food to help balance this delicate system

Anti-Inflammatory/Anti-Cancer Smoothies
Adding smoothies high in these compounds help to
reduce inflammation throughout the body

Detoxifying Smoothies
Provide the body with nutritional support to help
remove toxins

Good for the Gut Smoothies
Add cultured, prebiotic and probiotic foods

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