Can Exercise Boost your Immune System?

What do we know about the benefits of exercise? Are there proven health benefits? Is it safe to work out when you have a cold? And, how much and what kind of exercise does it take to get these benefits? Most people blindly follow exercise routines and fitness instructors without knowing whether their work outs […]

Buckwheat: The Gluten-free Grain Substitute/Vegetarian Protein

Most health conscious people don’t think of waffles and pancakes when they think of breakfast, but it turns out that both foods can be highly nutritious and health promoting if the right ingredients are used. Researchers in Madrid, Spain have highlighted several healthy aspects of consuming Buckwheat and the flour made from it. Indulging in […]

PH Balancing Act

It seems that today many people are advocating a diet based primarily on fruits and vegetables, claiming that it minimizes acid formation. Just turn on the TV or go online and you hear how being vegetarian is the healthiest way to live all the celebrities are doing it. While including fruits and veggies into your […]

Sugar Causes Inflammation

When advising parents regarding glycemic stress, Christine Northrup, M.D., writes in her book Mother-Daughter Wisdom (page 367), that it “happens when you consume foods with a high glycemic index and load. Blood vessel inflammation begins and glycemic stress ensues, resulting in blood vessel damage from oxidative stress. At this stage, many individuals actually experience hypoglycemia−the […]

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