The New Normal

Embrace Better Health with a Three-Pronged Health and Wellness Program

Discover a Healthy, More Balanced New Normal

The New Normal goes beyond simple nutritional planning. It’s a philosophy that will support you to reach your health and wellness objectives.

Unlike other health programs that address only your physical symptoms, The New Normal will approach your health and wellness needs from a physical, emotional and lifestyle perspective to restore optimal health.

  • Find balance
  • Reduce stress
  • Make healthy choices
  • Address your concerns from an individualized perspective.

We’ll create a meal plan that meets your individual needs and provides you with the tools to create a sustainable lifestyle plan.

Discover your new normal – one where you feel healthy, stronger and free of pain and illness.

Ideal for anyone who is looking to better manage illness, a debilitating diagnosis or is looking for a preventative plan that can help you live a healthier now and in the future.



It’s time you stopped longing for the days when you felt good and lived an active life. Rediscover what it means to feel truly healthy.

Inside The New Normal, you’ll receive all the nutritional and health tools, skills and steps you need to take in order to achieve long-term wellness.

You’ll start with an initial consultation with Meryl to set goals and objectives. She’ll carefully listen to you and review your lifestyle, nutritional and medical history to get a complete picture of your current situation.

You’ll then receive access to The New Normal online portal, a complete step-by-step program that will walk you through the three phases that lead to optimal health: Eating Healthy, Lifestyle, and Meal Planning.

You’ll also have access to a coach where you can check-in via zoom 30 minutes each week to track your progress, receive support and claim your victories. We are also available for support throughout the week via our Practice Better App.

The New Normal is designed to challenge the way you see your health long-term and offer you continued support in creating long-term habits that will support optimal living.

Over the course of 8 weeks you’ll experience physical and lifestyle changes that will improve the way you think and feel.


We won’t beat around the bush. The New Normal takes commitment and the willingness to change. But, if you’re in, we promise that rewards can be great.

Imagine what it might feel like to finally have more control over your health!

The New Normal is for you if you’ve found some relief from traditional medicine and a therapeutic nutritional regimen, but now want to embrace sustainable, actionable and long-term health.

The New Normal takes what you know about your current health picture and turns it on its head. Regain the vitality and energy you once felt and be empowered to truly own your health.

And while The New Normal is not for anyone still struggling to understand the cause of your current symptoms or trying to regain balance within their body, we do offer programs that can help you. Click to learn about Balance and Restore.

  • "Life changing experience. When I went to Meryl I was exhausted all the time, in the afternoon even worse, I had no energy. I could not sleep at night, had trouble focusing, overwhelmed over small stuff, having hot flashes , the list goes on. After Meryl's wellness plan everything changed. My life and more importantly the life of my family changed."

    Liza L
  • "I’ve been seeing Meryl for about 5 years now and she is amazing!! I was having so many gut issues, had been through 5 different types of Gastroenterologist with absolutely no help. One Doctor even had the nerve to say it was all in my head. Defeated and very depressed I was told about Meryl from a friend. I went to see Meryl and it changed my life. Meryl and her team are amazing. They run the test Doctor’s refuse to acknowledge. She works to get to the root of the issue, not just the symptoms, all while educating you on food and their power of healing. I highly recommend Meryl for anyone looking to feel better!"

    Danielle B.
  • "You want to feel good about yourself? Want to bring back your confidence? Want to eat healthy and make smart decisions on what goes into your body? Then you need to visit Meryl"

    Douglas G.

You deserve to feel good and be in
control of your own health.

Your journey to find your New Normal begins today. Discover how Brandwein Institute can help you with your long-term health goals.

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