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Dissatisfied with the incomplete approaches to health that look only at a diagnosis, and not the whole picture, founder Meryl Brandwein offers clients an alternative approach to getting healthy.

Her Tenacity And Dedication Has Earned Her The Nickname “The Rebel Nutritionist”.

Rejecting a one-size fits-all approach to nutrition and wellness, Meryl digs deep to find the root cause of your symptoms to help you heal.

For over 20 years, the Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness has offered clients a better way to restore health and wellness. By looking at the whole person, including lifestyle, behavioral factors and core issues, Meryl can restore health and provide a nutritional plan that is truly balanced.

Meryl uses a multidisciplinary team approach. Meaning she’ll work with your doctors and other healthcare providers to help you find the best solution for you. With individual, group and corporate treatment or educational programs, Meryl and her team stands on the forefront of nutritional health.

Even if you can’t imagine feeling healthy, whole and vibrant, the Brandwein Institute offers you an opportunity to see what’s possible in a whole new way.

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The Brandwein Nutrition and Wellness Team

We have a closely-knit team of coaches who all work toward our clients’ health and wellbeing.

When you first sign up for coaching, we will allocate a coach to you that will be the best fit – based on what support you need.

But we all work together and discuss all our clients in our Coaches Huddle every week – so at any point, if it makes most sense, we’ll bring in a different coach as you progress with your goals.

Your success is our success, so come meet who will be cheering you on.
Michelle Baron, health coach, Brandwein Institute for Health and Nutrition

Michele Baron, Certified Integrative Health Coach

Michele is an Integrated Health Coach who received her training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Michele works with clients to make lifestyle shifts, improve nutrition and transform unhealthy habits into healthy ones. Through continued support and accountability, Michele helps her clients understand the connection between food, mind and the body to achieve optimal health.

Michele is a mother of 3 and because of her own first-hand experiences with helping her daughter with her digestive issues, she truly understands the impact chronic illnesses can have on social, mental, academic and physical interactions, as well as family dynamics. To reach Michele, you may email her at: mbaron@merylb.com.

Amanda Schuh, health coach, Brandwein Institute for Health and Nutrition

Amanda Schuh, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Amanda holds certificates from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. She loves to bake healthy treats, spend time with her son and husband, read, get out into nature, and drink tea!

She knows firsthand what it takes to dive deep into healing and create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. For about 16 years, she suffered from a myriad of chronic symptoms such as POTS, Dysautonomia, leaky gut, migraines, fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, nausea - the list goes on and on. She was told many times by countless doctors that there was nothing she could do to improve her health.

Unwilling to accept that, she persevered until she discovered functional medicine, which was the key player in helping her dive deeper and is ultimately where she began to feel better. Having been so positively impacted by her journey to healing, she has been called to help others transform their health and to help them discover ways to find balance and deeper healing in their lives. She truly believes that every experience we have in our lives is meant to teach us a lesson. She also believes that food is medicine and that it's meant to be enjoyed and not be restrictive. Her favorite saying is to, “eat the food you love that loves you back,” and she truly stands by that!

When working with Amanda, she will help you to discover your passions and strengths and how you can use them to achieve your desired health goals! Get in touch with Amanda at Amanda@merylb.com


Jill Alter, Integrative And Functional Certified Health Coach

As a Certified Integrative and Functional Health Coach, Jill works with clients showing them how food can be medicine and help them get off the diet roller coaster. With the diet culture being what it is and all of the social media fad diets that are out there, Jill coaches clients in improving their mindset and lifestyle.

She teaches a “whole body” approach and that it’s not about counting calories or macros or measuring food. It’s about making small, realistic changes that are sustainable.

Jill enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and staying involved in my community. My focus for the last 20 years has been helping raise awareness towards early detection against Cancer and raising money towards research for the American Cancer Society and Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. You can contact me at Jill@merylb.com.

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