Genomic Health Coaching

Follow a highly personalized nutrition plan that helps your body metabolize food in an optimal way

That’s the power of genomic nutrition coaching.

Up until now, nutrition recommendations have been based on testing that shows what’s currently happening in your body. But now with genomic testing and nutrition counseling, we can take your health to the next level!

By studying your DNA, we can now precisely identify the patterns and imbalances of your unique operating system and use nutrition to suppress the expression of diseases, illnesses and other unhealthy patterns.

And even if you’ve already been diagnosed with an illness such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or autoimmune illness, genomic health coaching can help you create a therapeutic plan with tools and strategies to limit the spread or even reverse your current disease.

How Genomic Nutrition Health Coaching Works

Begin with an easy at-home swab genomic test that will provide you with a clear view into your personal DNA blueprint! Once we receive your results, we’ll review the results and help you either identify the root cause of your discomfort and pain or share what imbalances we see.. We’ll also design a therapeutic plan with the tools and strategies that allow you to wake up to the healthiest expression of you that you can be!

Genomic Consultation & Personalized Plan

Genomic Consultation & Personalized Plan