Genetic Nutritional Medicine

Genetic Nutritional Medicine

Combine the expertise of a health coach to support long-term changes to your health with an understanding of how food and exercise impact your unique operating system

We’re all made up of the same building blocks. And yet the combo that makes up you is U N I Q U E.

Shouldn’t your health and nutrition choices be unique too?

Genetic Nutritional Testing CAN:

Genetic Nutritional Testing CANNOT:

Nutritional genomics (aka genetic nutrition) is about understanding what you body will do with the food, lifestyle, and exercise choices you make.

What does a Genetic Nutritional Test uncover?

Our recommended test will look specifically at the primary operating systems of the body. Missteps in DNA can predispose us to health conditions such as;
- Cardiovascular issues
-Immune issues
-Hormonal issues
-Gut imbalances
-Blood sugar regulation issues

Uncovering Your Genetic Blueprint

Step 1:
Complete a comprehensive intake form and take a cheek swab. We'll deliver the test to you and then you mail it back.

Step 2:
We meet with you for about 90 minutes (in person or online) to understand your health history and any particular areas of concern

Step 3:
After about 4 weeks after taking your cheek swab, your results will be available. We'll meet with you to discuss the details and interpret the results

Step 4:
Now that we have detailed information about your personal genetic blueprint, we may suggest additional testing so we can validate the genetic results and understand how your body is reacting to your environment.

Step 5:
We will work with you to determine a roadmap to improving your health which will include:

-Personalized supplements if appropriate
-Detailed nutrition and exercise plans all tailored to your genetic blueprint and current lifestyle

Genetic NutritionTesting FAQs:

No. We can look at certain genes in your body that will show us if you are predisposed to a disease. This means your chance of ending up with that disease might be higher than for the average person. We also know generally what can trigger someone with a certain genetic profile ending up with the disease. And as a result, we can create a personalized plan to help you reduce
HIPAA laws mean that even if someone asked for your information, it is illegal for us to share the results of your test
While genetic testing can be done to confirm your ancestry, we use it in a different way.
The first thing we do is sit down and talk the results through with you. A genetic test will give us information about what might happen in your body. We may recommend further testing to understand if your body is reacting in the way predicted by the test. Before you even take the test, we’ll have had a detailed consultation where you tell us about your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and family and personal history. We’ll talk through any health concerns and symptoms you have and any concerns you have for the future. That means that by the time we explain the results to you, we already have a wealth of knowledge about the genetic strengths and risks in your profile and an understanding of how these might already be showing up in your life. We will make recommendations for diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes based on your current situation and the test results. We may advise further testing to understand what’s happening in your body right now, or targeted supplements to correct any potential deficiencies in your nutrition.
We recommend the 3X4 test. It’s one our whole team has taken and used to optimize our health. [more about why]

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