Personalized Lifestyle Data and Coaching In a Snap

Brandwein Coaching & Health Snap: A Real-Time Approach to Health

We’re going to help you learn a bit more about your lifestyle health.
Take this quick and non-invasive evaluation and receive a personalized lifestyle, exercise and nutrition recommendations.

Brandwein & Health Snap: A Personalized Approach to Lifestyle Data

Imagine being able to access all of your personalized health insights in a snap plus receive recommendations from a Brandwein health coach to help you improve your health and take the action you need!

Health Snap is a lifestyle profile app that transforms your wearable health device and survey responses into an easy to understand Lifestyle Profile.

With over 100 personalized health values, you’ll have a complete picture of what’s working and what isn’t in your nutrition and lifestyle routines.

❍ Body Weight
❍ Body Fat
❍ Physical Activity
❍ Fitness Age

❍ Heart Age
❍ Energy Expenditure
❍ Sleep Index
❍ Stress Index

❍ Sitting Index
❍ Max Heart Rate
❍ Exercise Zones
❍ Vo2max

A Better Way to Track Your Health & Lifestyle Goals

Health Snap provides you with insights into your body composition, activity, fitness, cardiovascular health, nutrition, behaviors and even your musculoskeletal system! 

Combined with recommendations from your personal Brandwein coach, based on real-time data, you’ll be able to create a plan that truly works and provides you with the best chance for achieving all of your health goals.

Perfect for anyone who wants a more personalized approach to your health, but with the flexibility to receive information and recommendations on the go – Brandwein and Health Snap can be the perfect partner you’ve been waiting for.

✓Understand 100+ lifestyle data metrics with insights just for you
✓ View visual graphs to track your progress over time
✓ Connect to Apple Health & Google Fit to automatically pull data
✓ Communicate with your Brandwein Coach at any time using secure messaging

Insights lead to action.

Unique insights in your lifestyle prescription report provide areas where you can take action. Body composition, activity, fitness, heart, behaviour, nutrition and your musculoskeletal system are measured and each value is personalized information – specific to you. Now we know where we can focus efforts and recommendations to help improve your overall wellness in very key areas.

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*You may cancel anytime after the three month initial subscription.


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