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How many times have you heard that you need to eat more healthily if you want to support your body and keep your immune system resilient?

You’ve tried those quick-fix, fad diets, but you quickly burn out.

The rules are so restrictive, it takes so much time to find recipes that work, and when you get into the kitchen?
Phew. So. Much. Work.
No wonder you end up right back where you started - staring into your fridge hopelessly while you order take-out again.
This Rebel Kitchen course, Nutrition for Optimal Immunity, provides you with an easy system to create healthy, enjoyable, immune-supportive meals without feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen. In just 4 weeks, you’ll have a selection of meals and snacks you know will deliver the nutrition you and your family needs without much effort in the kitchen.
Making changes to your eating habits is HARD.
If you’re not supported in making small, consistent changes, then it’s easy to fall back on your old go-to meal choices. It’s time to stop wasting your money and efforts in the kitchen on another new diet regime that promises the world but that you can’t stick to for more than a few days.
Does this sound familiar . . . .
It doesn’t have to be so hard! There is an easy, affordable solution that gives you all the support you need to make small changes that can have a big impact.

Welcome to the Rebel Kitchen!

Here’s what you can expect from this $37 course, Nutrition for Optimal Immunity . . .
This course is for you IF . .
Hi, I’m Meryl
aka the Rebel Nutritionist
I’m a Registered and Licensed Dietician and I focus on functional medicine. I’m one of the only nutritionists in South Florida certified in Genomics and Culinary Genomics. For over 20 years at the Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness, I’ve focused on helping people like you find the right nutritional strategies for their health and wellness.
It changed my life. Meryl works to get to the root of the issue - not just the symptoms - all while educating you on food and its power of healing.
Danielle B.
“After a cancer diagnosis at 33, I began to explore additional ways of healing myself. Turning my curiosity into a passion to help others, I’ve been studying food and its power to heal for over 20 years”
Meryl Brandwein
I look so much better now, more toned, eating a million times better and feeling great. . .I feel so happy and at peace with my journey. Never looking back!

This sounds too good to be true, right?!

When I talk to people just like you about their struggle to eat healthily, here’s what they usually say . . .

“I don’t have time”
I get it. When you’re used to depending on take-out, the thought of cooking from scratch in your kitchen is overwhelming.

But the Rebel Kitchen SAVES you time.

Over the next 4 weeks, you’ll learn how to set your kitchen up for success, have a direct plan of what to buy at the store, and then what to do with it when you’re ready to cook. Each module will take less than 1 hour to complete and all recipes take 30 minutes or less.

“My family is picky”
It can be hard when each family member has wildly different likes and dislikes, never mind thinking about what they can and cannot eat. The recipes in the Rebel Kitchen are completely flexible. You’ll have access to a customizable meal planning program where you can make changes to your weekly menu depending on your family’s preferences.
“I don’t know how to cook.”
This is one I hear a lot. But you don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay to make this work. The cooking demonstration videos guide you through exactly how to make each meal and as you work on them, you will be building your cooking skills over time.
“I don’t like cooking”
I’m not asking you to make everything from scratch. I know that isn’t feasible for most people, and also not always enjoyable.

My goal is to keep things as simple as possible and to make the most of store-bought convenience items to support fresh immune-supportive foods. The Rebel Kitchen plan means that dinner is on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Are you all in on providing simple and immune-supporting meals for your family without slaving over the stove for hours?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rebel Kitchen is a supportive method of achieving your health goals through customized nutrition. It provides you with everything you need, from basic kitchen skills to weekly grocery lists. You are in charge of what you eat, but with support in the Rebel Kitchen to set you up for long-term success.

This is a 4-week course – each week you will receive one module, which will include a nutrition lesson and resources to get you cooking. Video demonstrations, food lists, meal plans, recipes all support you putting your learning into action.

I strongly believe that small, consistent changes can add up to a lifetime of health. We will work with you to balance what your family needs with what evidence-based science tells us will support your immunity and keep you healthy from the inside out. This method has been developed by credentialed healthcare professionals and is one I use in my own kitchen.

It’s just a one-time fee of $37! For less than the cost of a take-out meal for your family, you’ll have a month’s worth of recipes, grocery lists, cooking skills, and learning, to understand and support your immune system.

Not at all! Anyone can take this course.  We’ll teach all the basic culinary skills that you need for each specific meal, and as you repeat these, you’ll be learning the foundations of how to make healthy, immune-supporting foods for your family.

This is for anyone who wants to move from take-out and meals out and start to focus on supporting their immune system with healthy homemade food. The recipes are designed to be enjoyed by everyone from children to grandparents and are fully customizable to take into account dietary restrictions and food preferences.

Thinking about investing in you and your family’s health and nutrition? Let me make this easier for you . . .

I’m a busy person just like you. And I know that if you’ve tried fad diets that have failed before, you might be skeptical about why this one will be different.

I’m extremely proud of the products my team and I create and I truly believe that a customizable fully-supported system like this will be a long-term benefit to you and your family . . .

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you do the work and complete the modules, and you’re still not happy, I will refund your money.


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