Incorporating strategies to ensure lifelong healthy nutrition habits is an essential for the long-term success for permanent weight loss, health and well being.

Whenever I begin working with a new client, we always start by developing a roadmap to change unhealthy habits and into healthy life long choices.  There are tried and true general strategies that work as well as personalized strategies as well.  There are always individual stressors that each person struggles with that are unique.  Below are a few tips that everyone can use in order to help  achieve success before starting any weight loss plan.

Organize snacks in the morning: Many diets downfalls start with bad snacking throughout the day.  A little here and a little there and then the bad habits start to creep in again.  In order to avoid this pitfall, I suggest organizing all snacks in the morning when you are not hungry and can be selective and deliberate in their snack choices.  I often times will help select those “rewards” with my clients based on what exactly it is that they crave because if we manage the amount and frequency of the things we crave, we tend to not binge on them.

Comfort food makeovers:  Many clients have “comfort foods” but comfort foods are typically high in calories and fat.  I help my clients create new-healthy comfort foods  that they would like to enjoy on occasion.

Arm yourself with a smoothie:  I find that making a smoothie will satisfy my cravings and keep my appetite in check.  In addition, if I add a protein powder to the mix it sustains me for hours and keeps sweet cravings at bay.  There are many different types of protein powders and we can find one that satisfies every person.

Manage stress:  Stress can sabotage and derail any weight loss plan.  I always watch my client’s levels of calcium, magnesium, chromium, selenium, zinc and B Vitamins.  Stress washes key vitamins and minerals away, which creates imbalance. Once your antioxidant status improves many food cravings vanish.  It is no coincidence that stress goes hand in hand with weight gain and and blood sugar imbalances- two major conditions present in our culture, which depend on proper mineral status.

Plan your grocery list and menus ahead of time:  This saves time and I find that it helps to plan properly for meals.

Finally, Tune in and Let Go:  The next time you eat, allow yourself to disconnect and eat mindfully, whether enjoying your food alone or with others in a social setting.  Start each meal by taking 3 deep breaths. When you eat, do so with willing attention toward your food. Savor the flavor and be present in the moment.  You will thank yourself from a nutritional as well as peace of mind basis.

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