Brussels Sprouts Gratin

2 slices – Turkey Bacon
1 cup – Large, Thinly Sliced Shallots
2 lbs – Trimmed and Halved Brussels Sprouts
1/2 tsp – Sea Salt
1 cup – Water
1/4 tsp – Ground Black Pepper
1 slice – French Bread Baguette (about 2 oz)
3 tbsp – Ghee
2 tsp – Organic Coconut Oil

Recipe Directions:
1. Preheat broiler.

2. Cook bacon in a large skillet over medium heat until crisp. Remove bacon from pan, crumble. Add 2 tsp. coconut oil to pan, increase heat to medium-high. Add shallots to drippings in pan; sauté for 2 minutes or until tender, stirring occasionally. Add Brussels sprouts and 1 cup water; bring to a boil. Cover pan loosely with aluminum foil; cook 6 minutes or until Brussels sprouts are almost tender. Uncover and remove from heat.

3. Sprinkle with 1/4 tsp salt and pepper; toss to combine. Spoon Brussels sprouts mixture into a 2-qt broiler safe glass or ceramic baking dish coated with cooking spray.

4. Place bread in a food processor, and process until finely ground. Melt butter in skillet over medium high heat. Add breadcrumbs and remaining 1.4 tsp salt to pan; sauté for 2 minutes or until toasted, stirring frequently. Sprinkle the breadcrumb mixture over Brussels sprouts mixture. Broil 3 minutes or until golden and thoroughly heated. Yield: 6 servings (Serving size: about ¾ cup).

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