Committing to a weight loss regimen doesn’t mean deprivation and shouldn’t be about starvation. It’s a process and along the way we need to make sure we are not beating ourselves up for the occasional diversions that lead us astray. Sometimes a diversion happens so take a break and recheck yourself.  Below are a few things to keep in mind when trying to reach your weight loss goal:

Convey the message to yourself that it’s a process and there’s no good/bad or right/wrong.

Your body will go through fluctuations- some weeks we lose weight, some we don’t.  This is a normal part of physiology.  Remember not to focus on the numbers but how we look and feel.

If you get frustrated or overwhelmed, take a break from the scale. It is great to have goals and stay on track but sometimes cutting yourself a break relaxes you and helps to refocus yourself.

Go with the 90/10 rule. If 90%of the time you are eating “clean” then you can allow some indulgences 10% of the time.

Take a yoga class to reconnect with your mind and body.

Take a detox bath before hitting the bed.  Add a cup of Epsom salt and some lavender aromatherapy oils and enjoy a cup of warm water with a lemon slice.

You will find by taking these few easy steps both mentally and physically, you will find it easier to get back on track and feel better about yourself and the goals you are trying to reach.

Best In health,


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