Struggled with weight loss for years?  Want to end yo-yo dieting or sugar cravings?  Achieving life-changing nutrition goals   does not happen overnight.    Finding your inner winner takes time and focus because it involves transforming your belief system.  So whether your motivation is to lose 50 pounds and never put it back on again or you want to eliminate bad eating habits for life long health fitness, many of my teachings are the same.  I always provide my clients with long term strategies because one day they will experience a bump in the road or fall back on bad habits.    Anytime someone is trying to change any behavior it is easy to fall back on bad habits.  Long term strategies must be learned and deployed to overcome those momentary lapses.  I especially find this is true when it comes to eliminating sugar from diets because, let’s face it,  most people like the way sugar makes their body feel. Imploring long-term strategies proactively is important.  I always ask clients to keep a food journal for the first 4 weeks and to be completely accurate so we can discuss and strategize about the changes they are going through.  Finding your Inner Winner in the beginning of any diet changes requires constant dialogue, communication and education with your nutrition professional to help support you during good times as well as challenging ones.

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