Americans have been consuming processed foods with GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), since the 90’s. The inserted genes are taken from different species, including bacteria and viruses, which have never before been in the human food supply. These organisms are dangerous. They have been linked to thousands of toxic and allergic reactions in people and thousands of sick, sterile, and dead livestock. They’ve also been shown to damage virtually every organ and body system in lab animals.

Where is the FDA? Why aren’t they helping?

In 1992 the FDA claimed that GM foods were not “substantially different” then conventionally grown foods and that they were safe to eat. After internal memos surfaced and a lawsuit ensued, several FDA scientists have since warned that GMO’s can create unpredictable, hard to detect side effects such as allergies, new diseases and nutritional problems. Unfortunately, the FDA does not require any safety evaluations for GMO’s. Instead, the ones left in charge of determining the safety of these foods are the biotech companies.

Genetically engineering transfers genes across natural species barriers, using imprecise lab techniques that bear no resemblance to natural breeding. This process is so unsafe that in 1999 when Europe became concerned about the effects of GMO’s, within a single week virtually all the major food manufacturers committed to remove GM ingredients! This was 11 years ago! So why are we still eating these foods today?  A growing network of manufacturers, retailers, healthcare practitioners, organizations and media is informing consumers of the health risks of GMO’s  and helping them select healthier non-GMO alternatives. Visit www.merylb.com for more information.

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