Just in time for Thanksgiving

Studies show that expressing gratitude results in increased happiness and decreased stress. It may even enhance your immune system! Gratitude is a habit, just like flossing. We are grateful to our patients every day for allowing us to help them lead a happy and healthy life!
To Your Health,
Meryl Brandwein

Give gratitude a try today…here are a few tips:

Keep a gratitude journal – One of the most effective ways to cultivate appreciation is to write it down. Keep a small journal next to your bed and take a few minutes each day to write down a few things for which you are grateful. A recent study showed people who make a simple list of what they are thankful for are happier and sleep better.

Express yourself – It’s contagious! Express your gratitude to those around you!

See the bigger picture – Grateful people spot the positive in every situation without denying the hurt. Practice seeing the additional blessings, which can easily be missed.

Celebrate being grateful every day! – Many families make it a habit to discuss what they are grateful for at the dinner table each night. This provides a teachable moment with our kids and gives everyone a positive feeling.

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