Personalized Nutritional + Lifestyle Coaching

Personalized Nutritional + Lifestyle Coaching

support + accountability + personalized test results = better health!

Our recipe for long-term health success:

All coaching plans include:

Give us a call today and we can create a customized  plan for the coaching that will work for YOUR body.

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Give us a call today and we can create a customized  plan for the coaching that will work for YOUR body.

Our proven "Meal Prep" system for health success - tailored to YOUR body!

Step 1 - Identify Your end goal

Understanding what you’re creating is the key first step, whether you’re meal-prepping or planning major shifts in your health and well-being. This includes:
  • An in-depth [60] minute intake appointment with your coach
  • Understanding your history and current health issues lets us personalize your journey
  • One-size-fits-all hasn't worked for you (or many people). The more we know, the more we can identify the right destination for you.

Step 2 - Prepare Your ingredients

We need to be sure your ‘kitchen’ has everything it needs before we get started.

Once we know what we’re cooking up, we can start identifying what ingredients you need to get there, which will likely include recommended tests based on your current health status

*testing is optional and not included in the cost of the package. We strongly recommend everyone takes at least a DNA genetic test

Step 3 - Arrange Your wordstation

Before a chef starts chopping, they pull out all the tools they need to create the meal so they don’t get side-tracked as they cook. We’ll provide you with a personalized set of tools based on your health goals and current situation.
  • Choose personalized resources (meal planners, trackers, and ebooks) to motivate you and make things easy between stops

Step 4 - Working on the Recipe

Just as creating a full meal when you’re not used to cooking daily can be overwhelming, making major shifts in your health habits can be a challenge.

Accountability and support is available daily with your coach through our portal. And you will have weekly check-ins with your coach.

And don’t forget our amazing and supportive community of others on a similar journey who are always on hand if you need a pep talk!

Step 5 - Enjoy what you Created

Taking time to congratulate yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor is a huge part of the process!

Once our time together is over we will take time to reflect on the process and consider if you’re ready to create something new or keep on track with the healthy habits you put in place. We can offer continued coaching or intermittent support as needed.

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