Often I find myself yelling at my TV.  When I hear a ridiculous commercial advertising a medication and at the conclusion that soft sweet voice lists the possible side effects, it kills me.  Then that lovely voice suggests that you should contact your doctor for more information.  I ask you.  Is your doctor really the best person to go to グループ面談 for advice?  Your doctor may be able to advise you about the drug itself, but long gone are the days of the family doctor, the one who really knew your family and knew your “health history.”   The doctor who understood that it was more than a prescription that would help heal you and your family.  Most people see their doctors once a year at best, and even at that they get maybe 10 minutes of the physician’s time. (This is not meant to pass blame on the doctors, as it’s not all their fault. That’s a blog for another day!) The key to better health is not taking a pill, as that is merely a band-aid to the bigger issue at hand.  So I ask again, is your doctor the best person to turn to for advice, when it comes to making lasting lifestyle changes?  Without much training in nutrition how can a physician prescribe and describe what a healthy meal plan should look like?  How can they prescribe a fitness and lifestyle regimen in the ten minutes that they have allotted by insurance companies to see you?  With our overburdened healthcare system how would they even have the time or incentive to help people make the changes necessary to lead them on a path towards better health?  If we want to achieve real changes in ourselves, then we must come up with a better system for helping people make those changes.  I ask you again; is your doctor the best choice?

(For more on healthcare reform see this month’s newsletter.)

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