Okay, so I don’t mean literally that you should go into the kitchen and peel an onion and poof… all your health woes will be cured.  Actually, what I am trying to point out is that learning how to understand what is wrong with our Wholesale Nike Washington Redskins Jerseys bodies is very much like peeling an onion.  It’s about peeling away the layers of symptoms to get to the underlying cause of an issue.

Western medical philosophies, or the medicine that is typically practiced in the US, focuses primarily on associating a symptom with a The disease or condition.  If you have X symptom, then you must have Y disease.  Of 自動車技術会2006年春期大会研究発表 course, this is a very simplified explanation but I am trying to make a point.

For instance, Familienbetts if you have indigestion you go to the doctor and generally leave with a prescription history for cheap jerseys an anti-acid.  While this will relieve your symptoms of indigestion it won’t fix the underlying problem of why you have it in the first place.

Eastern philosophies and the principles of traditional Chinese medicine characterize symptoms quite wholesale jerseys differently.  They look Our at The the body as a whole, not as separate organ systems, and try to understand the “why.”  Why does this person have the symptoms of indigestion, what it the cause of it and how do we help fix it?

Rather than offer a pill as a quick fix, the practitioner would try to find out the events that led to this condition, and then try to offer a variety of natural yet effective remedies.

In this instance, the idea is to peel away the layers of what caused the condition eating in the first place. Once the underlying cause is identified the goal of this process is to repair, rebuild and rebalance the body.

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