I did not grow up in a house full of gourmet cooks, foodies, or particularly health conscious parents.  This is not to say that we didn’t eat healthy, because relatively y speaking we did have home cooked meals, that were pretty healthy.  As a kid I admit that I did love my Ring Dings and Yankee Doodles; and having a Grandfather who owned a “candy store” who made us homemade malteds every weekend, ended up taking a toll on my waistline.  Then it happened.

One day someone called me chubby that was it… I was a changed person and like so many before me, I began that vicious path down the “diet zone.”

Perhaps that was what led me to peruse the career path that I have chosen, as I have always been fascinated with science and nutrition and health.  I have come to realize however, that what we overlook is the emotional component that truly is at the heart of where dieting stems from in the first place.  It’s that awful moment where you look in the mirror or someone makes a comment that sends you over the edge.  It’s that ah ha, moment when you realize, “wow I need to lose some weight!”  Once you enter that abyss it seems as though you never leave.  It is a horrible place and can consume your life if you aren’t careful.  I fought long and hard to escape from it and I see it on a daily basis as my practice is full of those lost in the void!

The unfortunate part to this is that the “industry” preys on the emotions of the weak and offers nothing more than empty promises and misguided results that are nothing short of devious money making schemes.  No one can deny vanity; we all want to look good.  After all it appears as though in society that is all that matters.  The sad truth to this is that there are far too many who believe this fairy tale and follow crazy fad diets that ultimately compromise the “health” that they are seeking.  Realistically we know that diet’s are not about health and for most it offers the complete opposite.  Any and all fad diets are just that, a fad; a very temporary solution to a long term issue.

The key to health and a healthy weight is balance.  We have lost that notion somewhere along the way.  The idea of balance and eating foods that come from nature don’t make the “industry” money and are clearly overlooked.  Health doesn’t come from a package, a pill or a box.  It never did and it never will.  Being healthy means understanding that there must be a balance between food, fitness and emotional health.  As long as we continue to promote the notion that there is somehow a quick fix to problems that require much more than false promises we will continue to march down that path of no return.

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