Who’s Setting YOUR Limits??

As I was preparing breakfast for my children this morning, I was engaged in my own internal debate; to exercise or not to exercise this morning?  Yes, even, I the crazy exercise fanatic, as many who know me would lovingly refer to me as; have our days.   I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard all week, even though

it is only Wednesday, and I was feeling a bit tired.  My decision- to split the difference and take a nice brisk walk outside.  It was hot, but not particularly brutal so I put on my hat and my iPod and headed out the door.  My workouts not only provide the physical exercise that I love, but it is also my emotional dumping ground.  This is how I distress, decompress and   work through whatever issues are consuming my brain at the moment.  I happen to start thinking about the show I had watched last night.  The new one with Tony Robbins called Breakthrough or something like that.  It was quite an interesting, emotional and inspiring show.  As I began to think of what the couple on the show went through I began pondering the idea of “limits.”  Why is it that we put limitations on ourselves?  As I pondered the question I found that I was not happy with just walking fast, so I began to move to a jog.  My legs were a little heavy, but it felt really good.  The more I thought about how limits affected my life, the more I realized how it must affect my client’s lives, and frankly society as a whole.  We are all faced with challenges, and naysayers.  Those pessimists who view the glass as half full, and provide roadblocks to our success.  I have been dealing with those types all of my life, and I am proud to say that I have worked hard to not let their voices or their opinions get in the way of my own personal  goals.

I encourage my clients with that same vigor.  I persuade them to not lose sight of the goals that they set out for themselves; and to not allow negative energy to permeate their vision.  The harder I thought about this, the faster I began to run, and before I knew it I was sprinting toward my house with 4 miles of road now behind me.  I felt alive and exhilarated.  I was ready to start the day, with a fresh new attitude and a smile on my face; for once again, I was able to prove to myself that without the limits of “just walking” I was able to elevate myself to a whole new place.  I encourage you to do the same!  Don’t allow someone else’s opinion affect how you function in your own life.  Change is a process so start at the beginning and move one step at a time.  Write down just one goal.  Make one change to move towards it, and then before you know it, you too will be sprinting down the finish line!!

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