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Meryl Brandwein RD / LDN

Meryl Brandwein (RD/LDN) is the founder of Meryl Brandwein Nutrition, a nutrition practice based in South Florida. For many years, Meryl has been a leader in advancing a whole foods approach to integrating nutrition into overall health and wellness programs and strategies. She personally counsels clients with a broad range of health and nutritional goals and challenges. Meryl works to transition her clients to a healthier way of eating as an educator and nutritionist. Meryl creates nutrition programs to help prevent illness and restore health through personalized nutrition therapy and guidance.  Meryl is also a strong advocate of sustainability and the production of whole foods.

Meryl has been studying food and healing for 20 years.  She received her degree from the University of Delaware.  Meryl also holds advanced certifications from the Institute of Functional Medicine and from Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCAA) in a number of specialty areas. Meryl’s areas of expertise include hormonal imbalances, nutrition therapy for ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders, anti-aging nutrition, childhood obesity, and nutrition during and after cancer therapies.

A cancer survivor herself, Meryl knows what it’s like to be on the “other side” of a complicated and life-threatening disease. While conventional medical treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, helped rid Meryl of her cancer, they left her sickly, physically debilitated and tired.  Meryl was able to apply her deep knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition to combine mainstream medical treatments along with complimentary and alternative methods to restore her health. Meryl’s own experience with food and medicine to defeat her cancer gives her a unique and personal understanding of how food and nutrition relate to the body’s overall health and welfare. This experience has compelled her to work with others in integrating nutrition with overall health and wellness programs, and her clients surely benefit from the combination of her expertise and inspiring personal journey.

Meryl is a regular contributor to Sports Link Magazine and has written several articles for the Sun-Sentinel and The Miami Herald SOBE Fit, and has made several appearances on Good Morning South Florida. She supports several health and wellness organizations including the American Dietetic Association, The American College of Nutrition, The Weston A. Price Foundation, and The Institute for Functional Medicine.  In addition, Meryl conducts workshops for corporations, schools and medical and educational facilities.

Meryl also works with OBGYN Dr. Gail Pezzullo-Burgs, ObGyn Dr. Patricia Chen, ObGyn Dr. Terrence Harris, at the Women’s Wellness Center, Adrenal, Thyroid Women’s Health Experts of Optimal Balance MD and Weston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tamy Faierman

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