Gratitude Can Change Your Brain

How Gratitude Impacts Your Physical & Emotional Health There is no question that gratitude is good for you. And with Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought it might be good to explore how it really works to improve your health! Now, you might be wondering why I’m talking about a topic like gratitude . . […]

Is Junk Food Making Your Teen Depressed?

Can junk food really be making teens more depressed? If you’re anything like me, you grew up at a time where Tab and Diet Coke were all the rage, and we routinely snacked on Domino’s pizza, Cheetos and Doritos with our friends. We didn’t care what we ate and honestly – we didn’t know any […]

Setting You Up for Success: Healthy Hurricane Food Preparation List

Healthy Hurricane Food Preparation List Meryl Brandwein

Hurricane experts state that we should have at least a three-day supply of food for each member of our family. We want to be sure we are consuming enough calories and are staying well hydrated. Making sure we consume enough protein is crucial, followed by vegetables, fruits and then grains as a “filler.” A well-stocked […]

Changing the Taste of the Taste Bud.

Healthy School Lunches, Meryl Brandwein, Nutrition

Healthy School Lunches Parents may state from time to time… ”My child has a great appetite!” “She’s just a picky eater.” “My kid favors sweet items.” “My son enjoys a glass of chocolate milk any day over a glass of water.” “My daughter does not like vegetables! Sound familiar doesn’t it? Well, did you know […]

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