Episode #86: Environment, Nutrition And Our Health. What’s The Connection?

Today I had the privilege of talking with Eric Malka.  Best known as the co-creator and founder  of the famous brand The Art Of Shaving.

What a fabulous conversation Eric and I had today!  From all things skincare to the environment to knowing what to put in and on your body, we covered it all.

Did you ever stop to wonder what was in the products you use on a daily basis? We talk about reading ingredient labels on our food.  I always say, if you can’t pronounce it your body doesn’t know what to do with it. Well, it’s the exact same way for skin care products.  Lotions, makeup, shampoos, soaps, all of these things are loaded with toxic ingredients and ultimately can have a huge negative impact on our health.

Take a listen to find out why and what you can do to keep your skin and your body healthy! And tune in next week to hear more about Eric’s new skincare line.

Eric and I talk about:

  • His original brand, The Art of Shaving, and his desire to focus on natural ingredients
  • Why Eric uses probiotics as a preservative, and what he uses instead of water
  • Why almost every personal care product is made from petroleum based products and the risks involved in that
  • Bioaccumulation and what that means for your health
  • The increased cancer risks in society since we started using petroleum based products
  • Our goal of providing knowledge and letting people make informed decisions
  • The 3 products with the highest carcinogens
  • Steps you can take today to live a healthier life

To learn more about Eric, check out his website.

To read a transcript, click here.

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