Meryl is passionate about teaching families how to achieve ideal health and well being through the consumption of nutrient-dense whole foods. This requires, as Meryl teaches, understanding not only how food and nutrition directly relate to our physical health, but also a deep understanding of where our food supply comes from and how it is grown and processed. She is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism. She belongs to several organizations that support accurate nutrition instruction, organic and bio-dynamic farming, pasture feeding of livestock, community-supported farming and honest and informative food labeling. Meryl believes that modern technology should be harnessed to foster the wise and nurturing food traditions of our ancestors, rather than to simply maximize yields and lower costs regardless of the long-term environmental and health risks resulting from modern science’s tinkering with basic food architecture and genetics. It is Meryl’s position that science and knowledge can be used to validate and enhance the world’s natural food traditions and healthy fundamentals without jeopardizing food yields and pricing.

Meryl urges all of us to take a stand for our own dietary health — and the health of our families, friends and local communities. Meryl helps all of us stay informed and cut through the misrepresentations, misunderstandings and misinformation that make it difficult for ordinary Americans to make healthy food and life-style choices.

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