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Nikki Levine, CPT

Balance of the mind, body and spirit is what MBN Wellness Coach Nikki Levine has been practicing for years. Let’s face it. Keeping ourselves and our families nourished, healthy and thriving in today’s hyper-stimulated world is a challenge! With an 80/20 nutrition rule of thumb for her and her three children, Nikki practices what she preaches.

Her coaching practice and programs are designed to support the major challenges that people are faced with in today’s modern world and her clients love working with her. Fitting in exercise every day and making smart choices in and out of the kitchen have helped her become the healthy person she is today, but let’s be real – she indulges her sweet tooth every so often! With her open heart and passion to help each person find their own path, she prides herself on being a good soul. She also loves to try out new recipes in the kitchen and you can always find her at an Orange Theory class, running outdoors spinning or on a yoga mat next to Meryl! A number of Nikki’s areas of specialty at The Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness are listed below:

Certificate of Behavior Change, American Council on Exercise, 2018
Certificate of Completion, The Oncology Integrative Medicine Nutrition Symposium, “Personalized Cancer Risk Reduction,” Fall 2017
Certificate of Completion, “The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Food as Medicine for Women’s Health – Kripalu,” Fall 2016
Certificate of Completion, ApexEnergetics, “Food Sensitivity: The Hormone Connection,” Fall 2016
Certificate of Completion, iCamp University of Miami Integrative and Complementary Academic Medicine Programs, “Advances in Clinical Practices for Chromic Conditions: Improving Patient Outcomes Through Nutrition,” Spring 2016
Diploma, Dr. Axe Institute of Nutritional Leadership, Spring 2016
Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise, 2015
Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Tulane University, 1997

SECA Body Composition Analysis
HealthSnap Lifestyle Assessment
Health Coach Consultations
Behavior Change Consultations
Weight (but really Fat) Loss Programs
Healthy Empowerment for Teens
Skype Consultations
15-Minute Complimentary Consultations

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