Episode #162: Rebel Rewind: All Things Ozempic

We’re doing a Rebel Re-wind this week,and going back to part 1 of my conversation on Ozempic. I break down the facts and the fiction about the GLP-1 agonists — semaglutide such as Ozempic, Wegovy and Monjuaro. I break down some of the myths and facts about these peptides and shed some light on important […]

Episode #153: Managing Diabetes With More Than Just Meds

What a great conversation I had today with Hillary Meisner, seasoned nutritional therapy practitioner and certified health coach.  Hillary specializes in supporting those with Diabetes and other health challenges.   We know what an important topic diabetes is and more importantly how to help those who are dealing with blood sugar imbalances of all kinds. Hillary […]

Taking steps towards better health…One ingredient at a time..

Often times people are not quite certain what to expect when they go to see a nutritionist.  They are well aware, however,  that there’s a pretty good likelihood that something in their diet will have to change.  Believe it or not, it’s for this very reason that people put off coming to see me.  Ask […]

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