Episode #153: Managing Diabetes With More Than Just Meds

What a great conversation I had today with Hillary Meisner, seasoned nutritional therapy practitioner and certified health coach.  Hillary specializes in supporting those with Diabetes and other health challenges.  

We know what an important topic diabetes is and more importantly how to help those who are dealing with blood sugar imbalances of all kinds.

Hillary and I delve into how to approach food and nutrition when dealing with a prediabetes or diabetes diagnosis.   Personalizing the approach is key and while everyone is different, Hillary and I share our strategies about how to best work through the challenges that face those with these conditions.

If you think you need to sacrifice and deprive yourself of everything you love, think again. If you want to know how to best navigate the challenges that come with meal planning and food choices you are going to want to take a listen.  

This episode is chock full of useful and digestible information that you can begin to put into practice immediately.

We talked about:

  • Hillary’s diabetes journey
  • Why carbs are not the devil when it comes to managing your blood sugar
  • The importance of movement in managing blood sugar
  • Why strength training is key for those who are diabetic
  • The 2 key things Hillary asks clients to do when they start working with her
  • The fact that small shifts are a great way to start
  • GLPs – Ozempic, Wegozy, and Hillary’s opinion on them
  • How traditional physicians deal with diabetes and what that misses

Read a transcript of this episode.

Learn more about Hillary and her coaching services.

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