Episode #167: The Protein Conundrum

Protein, protein, protein.  This topic is everywhere. And I literally mean everywhere.  It is one of the most trending topics on social media, and people are talking about it wherever I go. Yet have you ever wondered where we get the recommendations that we do?  Have you ever thought about whether or not what you […]

Episode #158: My Experience With The Medical Medium Protocol

Today once again I sit down with Dr. Sherri Greene, a regenerative medicine practitioner who specializes in protocols based on the Medical Medium teachings. This conversation is especially powerful because I talk about my experience with the protocol that I have personally been following for about 8 weeks and the miraculous discovery I have seen […]

Episode #151: Who’s the Medical Medium?

You are going to find today’s podcast fascinating if not a bit “out there.” That is what I first thought when I was introduced to the teachings and principles behind the Medical Medium, Anthony William. While you might not recognize the name, he is the mastermind behind the celery juice craze that took America by […]

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