Episode #151: Who’s the Medical Medium?

You are going to find today’s podcast fascinating if not a bit “out there.” That is what I first thought when I was introduced to the teachings and principles behind the Medical Medium, Anthony William. While you might not recognize the name, he is the mastermind behind the celery juice craze that took America by storm many years ago.

Today I got to talk to Dr. Sherri Greene, a restorative medicine practitioner who is a Medical Medium practicing doctor.  

If you want to know more about what and who the Medical Medium is, take a listen. More importantly, if you are out there suffering from an illness or serious medical condition, you are going to want to hear what Dr. Sherri has to say about it all.

We cover so many topics and I just can’t say enough about Dr. Sherri’s vast knowledge about this work and how it’s healed millions of people around the globe.

Be sure to tune in for a memorable conversation.

We talked about:

  • Dr. Sherri’s story as she moved from a podiatric practice to using an intuitive approach to find the root cause of medical symptoms
  • The medical medium, Anthony William and how he works
  • Why it’s important to look at the person, not the label, to help them find the root cause of their problems
  • How it can often take a long time to unravel symptoms if someone has been sick for a long time
  • How our immune system gets triggered by 2 things and what that means for us
  • How toxicity sits in the liver and how to heal that
  • The food wars and what diets work for what people
  • The patience needed to heal a chronic illness
  • What’s doable for each person as they integrate techniques to flush toxins
  • Our obligations as health practitioners to be curious and provide all the support and advice we can about what might help

Learn more about Sherri and her work. 

Read a transcript of this episode.

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