What this Past Year and COVID Has Taught Us

It’s been a year since the world first learned of COVID and life as we knew it in 2019 completely changed. For many of us, the things we took for granted have now become treasured – including time with family, eating out with friends and travel.  We’ve also learned that our health isn’t something that […]

Be Proactive! Health Strategies for 2021

For decades, proactive health in the United States meant simply going to your doctor for your annual check-up, getting your flu shot and popping a multivitamin every morning. It might also include some form of testing, better nutrition and exercise, but for years those people were labeled “health nuts” or “die hards” – leaving the […]

Can A Vegan Diet Work for You?

Can A Vegan Diet Work for You?

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of plant-based foods to support a healthy and well-balanced diet.  I believe that any health diet must be rich in nutrient rich plant-based foods to support good metabolism, immunity and a health GI system.So, it might surprise you that I am also a proponent of adding […]

What You Really Need to Know About Inflammation

Fresh broccoli anti-inflammatory foods on Meryl Brandwein

Inflammation is one of the most talked-about health concerns, but if you ask most people what it is, they start to shuffle their feet, mumble a few words and then throw up their hands and admit that they’re not really sure. Maybe you feel the same. You might know what it feels like in your […]

You Can Ditch the Diet Mentality

Woman eating healthy

One of the things that keeps coming up over and over during this time of world crisis is that we are being called to look at our health in a new light.  Things that may have mattered to us last month, now feel less important and instead, caring for ourselves and our long term health […]

Why You Too Need to Care About Your Gut Health

As a functional nutritionist, gut health is one of the things I specialize in the most. In part because overall gut health is still a mystery for many, but mostly because so much of our overall health and brain function is tied to the health of our gut and our gut microbiome.  Now, before we […]

Meryl’s Pantry

Meryl’s Pantry Many of our clients have asked what is in Meryl’s kitchen pantry. Well, you asked and we got it! Take a peek here: WHAT’S YOUR FOOD PHILOSOPHY IN ONE SENTENCE? Always use real, fresh whole food ingredients. Food should nourish and support our health. WHAT IS ALWAYS IN YOUR FRIDGE? Fresh fruit, ample […]

Our Golden Turmeric Latte For Anti-Inflammatory and Thyroid Supporting Nutrients

Golden Tumeric Latte is creamy, rich latte is filled with anti-inflammatory and thyroid-supporting nutrients.

This delicious Food as Medicine recipe is delicious! Our Golden Turmeric Latte is a creamy, rich latte filled with anti-inflammatory and thyroid-supporting nutrients. More than just adding a beautiful golden color to this latte, turmeric is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory agents we know. It also has been shown to counter the proliferative effect […]

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