Episode #8: The Epidemic of Disordered Eating

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Kirsten Florias is one of the amazing health coaches at Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness, and she works with many of our clients who struggle with disordered eating. Different to having an eating disorder, disordered eating often involves an unhealthy relationship with food, nutrition, body image, and more. 

Kirsten and I had a chat recently and delved into the topic in more detail. We looked at strategies to help people overcome this epidemic that affects people of all ages, genders, and cultures.

Kirsten shared so many important points about family dynamics, the language we use when speaking to young people about their relationship with food and their own bodies, and confusion around what disordered eating means

We talked about how we can help people find the courage and their voice to make the necessary changes to break the habit of disordered eating, and how finding balance in all areas of your life is the true key to success.

In this episode: 

  • Kirsten explains how her background in bodybuilding nutrition left her with an amazing physique but a mess on the inside (3:40)
  • We discuss why family pressures can impact young people’s relationship with their body and food just as much as social media (if not more) (6:58)
  • We outline the different kinds of wellness that you need to have a healthy relationship with eating (15:01)
  • We consider how important your voice is and I look back at how I embraced the rebel in me (19:47)
  • Kirsten outlines the patterns of eating that can lead to sugar cravings and how to balance your eating to eliminate those cravings (22:35)


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