Episode #102: Self-care And Self-leadership Workshop For Girls

Suzette Bravo and I are so excited to  talk about the amazing new workshop that we are offering on Saturday, May 6 from 10:00 am-3:00 pm

The workshop is for young women who are in grades 6-10 and are looking to learn about self care, self leadership, and how to nourish their bodies and thrive as they grow up.

 In this episode we talk about all of the topics we are covering and why these are such important issues to address for these young women. 

This is going to be such a comprehensive program, and these girls are going to walk away with some fabulous strategies, and tools that will help them far beyond just this one day.

We get into nitty – gritty of why we are so passionate about offering this workshop and the important reasons you are going to want to have someone you know come and join us.

Take a listen and be sure to share it. This will sell out quickly once word gets out so be sure to give us a call to reserve your spot!

Suzette and I talk about:

  • Why we chose a summer date for this workshop
  • The fact that confidence is often one of women and girls’ biggest issues
  • The fact that girls are often reacting to other people like parents and peers
  • The need for external validation and how that disconnects us from our true self
  • The tools to change the story before it becomes ingrained in their personality, as has happened for so many women
  • Comparing our ordinary to someone else’s highlight reel
  • Understanding how to take a step back and pause
  • The 2 sides to being alone – loneliness and solitude
  • Being able to take ownership of our day and picking what’s important to us
  • The importance of nutrition and movement in making good choices for ourself
  • How reacting to hunger signals rather than taking time to nourish ourselves can have a negative impact on our bodies
  • Why deprivation doesn’t have to be part of making healthy choices
  • Making choices in alignment with loving yourself
  • The importance of community and a safe space to learn about this process

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