Episode #104: 15 Minutes To Better Health: The Nutri-Q Assessment

I sat down with one of our coaches, Amanda, this week, to talk about the Nutri-Q assessment.

This is a detailed nutritional assessment that doesn’t involve doing invasive testing. It can tell us a lot about your health, especially when paired with an understanding of the areas where you may have concern.

It’s a free test that I invite everyone to take through us, and includes a free 15-minute feedback session with one of our coaches to interpret the results.

Interested to know more? Tune in to hear the common questions Amanda and I hear from clients about the Nutri-Q.

Amanda and I discuss: 

  • What the Nutri-Q is and when it was developed
  • The body systems that the Nutri-Q assesses
  • Who is a good candidate for this test and why (hint: it’s everybody!)
  • How long it takes and what you can expect if you take the test
  • What guidance a coach can supply in the free consultation
  • The fact that the Nutri-Q deals with nutrition and lifestyle issues
  • How we can use the Nutri-Q to give specific, targeted supplement recommendations
  • The benefits of taking this free test to learn more about how we work
  • why you don’t always need to make huge changes to improve your health
  • The benefits of retaking the test in 6 months
  • The 2 main ways you can use the Nutri-Q

To read a transcript, click here.

Want to take the Nutri-Q? Email us at brandwein@merylb.com or call us on 954-727-9006 to set up your free assessment and 15-minute consultation.


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