Episode #108: What Is The Gut Microbiome And Why Is It So Important To Your Health?

In this second part of our discussion about gut health, Dr. Cheryl Burdette and I talk about the gut microbiome, what it is, and how it affects all aspects of our health and wellbeing.

 If you ever wondered about how our gut health is linked to our overall health you are going to want to listen to this enlightening episode.

Dr. Cheryl Burdette is truly a leading expert when it comes to gut health.  She’s a wealth of information and explains these very complex processes in a way that is easy to understand!

Gut health is such an important conversation and it’s crucial to every other aspect of how our bodies function optimally.

If you have ever wondered about the entire digestion process, you are going to want to listen to this!

Cheryl and I talk about:

  • Why going to the bathroom regularly doesn’t preclude gut problems
  • Gut problems can affect inflammation in every part of our body
  • Inflammation can affect depression
  • A leaky gut means food leaks through not fully digested and can cause a host of problems
  • The potential negative effects of acid blockers and what they do to our stomach
  • Why having reflux can be because you’re not making enough acid
  • The knock-on effects of your gut pH levels being out of balance
  • Why having an expert treat the actual person rather than looking at generalities will always result in a more accurate diagnosis
  • The good flora we want in our microbiome and how to promote it
  • Why herbal treatments can sometimes be better than medication for reflux and heartburn issues
  • The concern over Direct To Consumer brands of probiotics and not understanding your personal issues before choosing one
  • Why food, not supplements, is necessary for essential short-chain fatty acids

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