Episode #112: Superfood Or Superspice? The Benefits Of Turmeric

In this second part of my conversation with Dr. Shivani Gupta, she details the amazing benefits of turmeric. We discuss her gut health protocol for staying safe when she flies or is worried about getting sick, and she explains exactly what to look for in a therapeutic-level turmeric supplement.

Dr. Gupta shares what type of supplement she believes everyone should be taking daily to help keep their immune system healthy, and how to up this to deal with inflammation. A must-listen episode!

Shivani and I talk about:

  • Her immune protocol when she travels
  • What Ayurveda has to say about the immune system
  • The importance of having a metabolism and gut health that are in rhythm
  • Why sleep is an essential part of keeping your immune system healthy
  • The benefits of turmeric and probiotics
  • Why supplements are essential given our current food supply
  • The fact your gut health can be compromised even if you don’t have symptoms
  • How to establish the correct supplements and dosage to take
  • Which part of the turmeric plant is effective and how to take it in supplement form

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