Episode #115: The Ins And Outs Of Detoxification

Today I am doing a solo podcast to bring you all kinds of information about Detoxification.

Why am I doing this podcast you ask?  Well, it’s because you asked!  We get so many questions about this topic, I figured it was time to actually address it as a stand-alone topic. 

This episode addresses the basics behind detox – why it’s important, what it is, and how to know if you need a detox.

We cover all of this and MUCH MORE.  Be sure to take a listen if you finally want to have a better understanding around this complex process that takes place in your body 24 hrs a day every day of your life!

I talked about:

  • Exactly what detoxification is and why our bodies need it
  • The 3 main phases of detoxification and what happens in each
  • The types of food you need to support each phases of detoxification and examples of each
  • The potential dangers of ‘fad’ detoxes that don’t allow your body to process detoxification the right way
  • The areas of your life that cause you exposure to toxins, including food, environment, products, sleep, and stress
  • How genetics can impact the way your body detoxes and what we can do to optimize the detoxification process if that is the case
  • The best resources to help you make small shifts in your lifestyle to help you detox properly

To read a transcript, click here.

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