Episode #117: Detox, Genetics, And Cancer: How They’re All Connected

I know we all can agree that the “C” word is a scary one.  Of course, I am talking about cancer.  No one should ever have to be diagnosed with this dreaded disease and after having experienced this firsthand, it’s not something we are ever prepared for.  This is why I do the work that I do and why I am so passionate about prevention.

Today we continue our discussion about detoxification and genetics and in this podcast I address how both impact our predisposition to certain cancers, especially hormonal-based cancers.

By now, if you have listened to our previous podcasts, you know that proper detoxification plays an important role in our health and wellbeing.  Today I connect all of those dots and help explain the connection and interplay that genetics and detoxification have in both the development and potential prevention of these cancers.

This is an important and complex topic. I aim to simplify it as much as possible so that you can better understand the importance of why knowing your specific genetic blueprint can help you understand your potential predispositions, and how to best support your health so that you never have to deal with a life-altering diagnosis.

I talked about

  • The link between not detoxifying properly, build up of toxins, and damage to your cells
  • The risks associated with xenoestrogens and where we find them in the environment
  • The signals that you are not detoxifying xenoestrogens well
  • Why we look at the hormone ‘bucket’ of genes when we do a genetic test, not just one single gene
  • The up-to-date science on women taking hormone replacements
  • Naturally occurring estrogen in plants can reduce the inflammation in our body and therefore reduce the risk of hormonal-based cancers
  • Where do we find the fake estrogens in our environment?
  • Where do we find the good plant-based estrogens?
  • How obesity links to cancer and why women gain weight during menopause

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