Episode #118: How (And Where) Are You Living Your Life?

I always love talking to Shari Coltune as we see life from two sides of the same coin! We talked this week about the day-to-day we live our lives, and why that might not be moving us toward our goals. 

We considered ways we sabotage ourselves as we try to make positive changes in our health and wellbeing, and strategies we can use to stop the sabotage and move into action.

Take a listen if you’ve ever felt stuck in fight or flight mode and unable to move forward the way you want – I think you’ll love it!

Shari and I talked about

  • Why it’s so easy to start to make changes but easy to lose momentum
  • The 2 things that can happen to sabotage your momentum
  • Why rationally knowing what needs to be done isn’t enough
  • The conversation we have with ourselves in the mirror
  • How to love yourself even if you don’t love what you see
  • The link between feeling what is happening and making changes
  • How what we think about ourselves can change how we act
  • How many people are in constant fight or flight mode and why we can’t rest and recover in those modes
  • How to let yourself be in fight or flight mode and then move yourself out of it when you’re ready

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To read a transcript, click here.

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