Episode #119: Hormones And Why The Menopause Doesn’t Have To Mean A Decline In Your Health

What a thrill chatting with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Her knowledge and expertise in the field of women’s health is beyond impressive and her passion for what she does is evident.

Take a listen to this informative podcast about hormones, health and why menopause isn’t a sentence for ongoing suffering.

Take a listen to hear what Dr. Cabeca refers to as hormone replenishment vs replacement.

How she talks about the idea that we don’t need to suffer and how the symptoms that women deal with during this transition can be managed naturally.

We also talk about the misconceptions around hormone replacement and why we need to better advocate for our own health and wellbeing.

Don’t miss this one!!!

Anna and I talked about: 

  • Why we need hormones before, during, and after menopause
  • The fact menopause is a natural process and what can disrupt that
  • The difference between hormone replenishment and hormone replacement
  • The cause of 99% of our problems – hormone imbalance and inflammation
  • The steps Anna recommends to reset your hormones, including her Ketogreen 10-day Detox
  • Why lifestyle is most important when resetting your health
  • Why it can feel like others are the problem but the issue is really within you
  • The different toolbox functional nutritionists use to focus on root cause problems
  • Whether hormone replacement risks breast cancer and why Dr. Anna recommends bioidentical hormones
  • Connecting to our spirituality to feel good from within

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