Episode #120: Hormones, Stress & Hot Flashes

Today I sat down with Dr. Wendy Warner, board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and in holistic medicine, national speaker, and co-author of Boosting your Immunity for Dummies.

She is chock full of information that is so important for you to hear.  I was so thrilled to talk with Dr. Warner, whose deep understanding of functional medicine, women’s health issues, and compassion to help others is evident throughout this episode.

We talk about the real reasons women may suffer from hot flashes and how to manage and even prevent them from occurring.

Dr. Warner talks about sleep, stress, and metabolism and how all of these are affecting our ability to manage our weight, manage our menopause, and how important it all is to our longevity and wellness.

Dr Warner’s deep understanding of hormones and how to help balance them through this life transition is fascinating and I am sure you will enjoy listening as much as I did recording this!

We talked about:

    • Why hot flashes are not primarily caused by low estrogen
    • The actual imbalance that causes hot flashes and why they happen at night
    • Why we gain weight during menopause and why it’s not always hormone related
    • Why maintaining (not losing) muscle mass is key to longevity
    • The many and compounding disadvantages of holding fat as we age
    • Why our adrenal glands are constantly in overdrive and the effect that has on our health
    • Why lack of sleep happens and why it’s so detrimental for us
    • The false idea that hormones are bad for menopausal women, the problems with the study that linked hormones to breast cancer, and which hormones we can safely take
    • Why genetic testing is key to understanding which processes will be most affected for each person and how to use that information to our advantage
    • The link between gut health and estrogen
    • The herbs you can take to help with gut health and a simple tea recipe you can use
    • Natural relief for constipation

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Learn more about Dr. Werner and her approach to helping clients.

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