Episode #121: Why We Need Nitric Oxide

I had the great pleasure of talking with Dr. John Ivy, a recognized leader in the area of sports nutrition, muscle metabolism, and how physical activity can prevent Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Our discussion focused on his groundbreaking research in the area of nitric oxide and how it impacts our health.  For those of you who are asking what is nitric oxide and why do I need to be paying attention to it? You must listen to this podcast.

Dr. Ivy provides detailed explanations about the how and whys of this important nutrient and how not having enough of it can greatly impact our health

I am sure you will be surprised about what you find out!

We talked about:

  • Nitric oxide and its many beneficial effects on the body
  • How nitric oxide interacts with stem cells and what they support in the body
  • Why the medical profession doesn’t know much about its benefits
  • How to support natural production of nitric oxide
  • The need for physical activity to keep our nitric oxide levels up

And tune in next week for the next part of our talk where we discuss the products Dr. Ivy and the team at Humann have created to support your nitric oxide levels.

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Learn more about Dr. Ivy, nitric oxide, and the Humann brand.


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