Episode #122: Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Necessary?

We are back with part 2 of our podcast with Dr. John Ivy.  If you haven’t yet listened to part one you absolutely should go back and do that because it’s chock full of great information.

This time, we are continuing the conversation about nitric oxide and talking about why most of us probably should be supplementing our diets with Nitric oxide. 

Dr Ivy has been doing groundbreaking research in this area of study for the last 10-15 years and is considered an invaluable expert in this field.

This episode dives deep into understanding the limitations of our own body’s ability to produce nitric oxide and how research has shown how vital nitric oxide is to the health of our systems.

Take a listen to learn about why we might need to consider supplementing nitric oxide and why quality matters. 

Take a listen.  You will definitely come away with valuable insights into how to support your own health with this incredible nutrient.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • The amount of arginine we need on a daily basis and the risk of taking that amount naturally
  • Humann, the company Dr Ivy consults with, and how they research nitric oxide needs
  • The impact supplemental nitric oxide can have on athletic performance
  • How nitric oxide can alter the way our muscles use oxygen
  • The clinical trials Humann do before releasing new products
  • Why beets alone aren’t enough, and the need to process them a specific way to obtain the correct amount of nitrates
  • The different delivery methods of each Humann product and when to use them
  • How people lose  muscle mass and strength after 35 and how nitric oxide can delay that loss
  • The difference between nitric oxide and nitrites in processed meats

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Learn more about Dr. Ivy, nitric oxide, and the Humann brand.


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