Episode #123: Living Not Just Longer, But Healthier

I’m so excited because Shari Coltune and I are starting a new 8-week program to help Re-Brand You!

We’ll be blending our expertise (mine, in relation to nutrition and hers, in relation to mindset work) to help you reframe your goals and your body so you can create a unique roadmap to wellness based on your body and life.

If you’re interested in the main issues we believe are essential to moving you from self-loathing and constantly failing at fad diets to self-love and committing to a slow, integrated approach to wellness and longevity, then check out this week’s podcast!

Shari and I talked about

  • Why it’s so common that our motivation runs out after we start a new program to change our health or weight
  • What’s different about this integrative approach of brain and body that we provide
  • The importance of a private community and celebrating our wins as we go
  • The importance of the 5 pillars of health -what they are and how we approach them

And we break down what we’ll cover each week in Re-Brand You:

  • Week 1 – uncovering your vision and finding that part of you that might have been dimmed over time
  • Week 2 – creating a food foundation – macros, protein, carbs, fats etc and how to build a meal that works for you
  • Week 3 – understanding resistance and excuses – because we know they’ll be hitting everyone at about this point!
  • Week 4 – intuitive eating, and balancing food and mood
  • Week 5 – our belief system and how it affects how we view the world and our ability to change
  • Week 6 – the 5 pillars of health, including sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress, and relationships
  • Week 7 – from self-loathing to self-loving – how to look in the mirror and still love yourself no matter where you’re at in the process
  • Week 8 – self-nourishment and understanding how to nourish our bodies at a cellular level

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