Episode #124: Healthy Kids, Healthy Parents – A Checklist

What behaviors are you modeling for your children? Have you ever stopped to think about how your habits and behaviors impact your children’s lives?

Take a listen as Amanda and I explore the 5 pillars of health. What they are and how we can use them as a basis to create healthy routines for ourselves and our children.

Tune in if you want to learn the tips and tools that create healthy behaviors and healthy bodies.

Our goal is to have you use this checklist as a way to step back and reflect on the habits and behaviors that you as a parent can adopt and your children can emulate.

As parents, we are the models for what our children mimic, and creating healthy, consistent routines and lifestyle choices will have a positive impact on you and your children for a lifetime.

Take a listen, this is a great podcast to keep in your toolbox!

Amanda and I talk about:

  • How much kids (and adults) need routine and habits and about how to pick the right one
  • What the 5 pillars are and why they are so essential to our wellbeing
  • Movement: what we know about our brains and screen time
  • Strategies to help your kids make movement part of their day
  • Stress: the number of things in our kids’ lives that add to their stress
  • Connection strategies and how to attend to your own stress first
  • Relationships: all the relationships in a home that need to be modeled in a healthy way 
  • Strategies to deepen relationships with your kids
  • How good, bad, or indifferent, the behavior we model is the behavior they’ll copy
  • Sleep: why sleep is essential for our body beyond rest and what it does
  • When cortisol and melatonin are flowing in our bodies, and finding a wind down time
  • What happens if you eat too close to bedtime
  • Nutrition: understanding the problem with ultra-processed food
  • Why we need vitamins and minerals
  • Strategies to alter the balance of what we’re eating in the right direction
  • Why Amanda created her healthy recipe book for parents – Get a copy of the book here.

To read a transcript, click here.

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