Episode #127: How To Manage Long Covid: Part 2

I loved digging into the topic of long covid with Dr. Tau Braun last week. If you haven’t listened yet, go check that out first. In this second part of our conversation, we cover the potential allergic reactions caused by the spike protein, how our genetic makeup influences how we react and absorb nutrients, and the products Dr. Braun has developed to help with long covid and the risk of being exposed to covid and the spike protein.

Take a listen if you want to know more, I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating.

We talked about:

  • A reaction to the spike protein can cause severe allergic reactions to food
  • Why supplements might not help if your body can’t absorb them
  • If  you have long covid, start by examining your food and reactions to it
  • The importance of finding your own unique triggers, which are different for everyone
  • Why each person has a different genetic makeup that affects how they absorb nutrients
  • The importance of the feedback loop between the gut and the liver in relation to histamine
  • Why we need to dig deep and look at each person as an individual rather than trying to simplify things to an ‘either or’ approach
  • Why a team of people supporting you is always best – with different specialists
  • Why Dr. Braun recommends Anacardic, which comes from cashew shell
  • The benefits of Anacardic on inflammation, and providing antioxidants
  • Why it’s important Anacardic is produced as an oil
  • New research on 15 chain fatty acids and why they are important
  • Another product Dr. Braun recommends – copperene 
  • Why boron is trending 
  • Why more of one nutrient isn’t always better for our bodies

Learn more about Dr. Braun and his work

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