Episode #128: The Dangerous Dance Between Oxidative Stress And Inflammation

Inflammation is a word that is thrown around a lot when we talk about health and disease, and you may have a sense of what it is. Oxidative stress, on the other hand, is a very unfamiliar topic of conversation but it’s just as important to understand as inflammation.  

Both play a huge role in our health and wellbeing.

Most diseases start as a result of uncontrolled inflammation and oxidative stress.  The more we know about them,  what they are and how they harms us, the more we can do to prevent them from happening.   

I try to keep it simple and create enough analogies to get beyond the complicated science of it all.  I think you will enjoy this episode and I hope it provides you with some good action and insight into how to keep your cells and your body healthy and free of inflammation!

I talked about:

  • Why we can’t just treat our body as a collection of isolated parts and only try to fix one issue at a time
  • Why I focus on healthspan not lifespan
  • Master regulators – what they are and why they are important
  • What exactly oxidative stress is and why we want to avoid it
  • Free radicals – what they are, where they come from, and what they do to your body
  • How inflammation is triggered by free radicals
  • The power of antioxidants and the specific foods we find them in
  • How our genetic makeup can affect the way we use antioxidants

To read a transcript, click here.

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