Episode #129: Cancer: How To Focus On Your Health, Not Just The Disease

Let’s face it, cancer is a scary word.  When I was told I had cancer, my life turned upside down in a nanosecond.  So it’s safe to say that ever since then, I have made it my life’s work to help others be as proactive about their health and wellness so that they never hear those words.

My conversation with cancer specialist, Dr. Nalini Chilkov was beyond inspirational.  Dr. Chilkov has made it her life’s mission to help support those who have been diagnosed with cancer and to help people navigate the confusing terrain of cancer treatment. 

We talk about how cancer develops in the body, and how healthy cells become cancer cells you are going to want to listen.

We talk about the most common risk factors for cancer and how it is possible to turn on cancer-suppressing and cancer-fighting genes.

If you want to know how to create a body where cancer cannot thrive and how our food choices contribute to this you will have to take a listen to this enlightening podcast!

We talked about:

  • How oncology is disease-focused and how Dr. Chilkov’s support for cancer patients is health-focused
  • Why cancer patients need a plan for their health, not just their disease
  • The importance of having a team work with you, and having experts in each area
  • The fact caner is a chronic illness, not a sprint
  • The need to empower patients to collaborate with medical professionals and make their own health choices
  • How healthy cells become cancer cells
  • The importance of genetics and environment in understanding your risk factors
  • The inevitable transformation involved for patients in the cancer journey
  • The many layers of stress and trauma involved in a cancer diagnosis
  • What kinds of nutrition and health advice Dr. Chilkov offers her patients
  • The importance of vetting your sources of information

Learn more about Dr. Chilkov and her work and download the ebook she’s offering to you with the supplements she recommends for every stage of the cancer journey and her Outsmart Cancer Shopping List.

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