Episode #13: Diet Fad – Fix or Fail?

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I had fun talking with Howie Kra about his experience in the diet world. As a former coach for a network marketing-inspired diet plan, he’s seen behind the scenes of how the diet industry works, and understands why most dieters end up failing in the long run.

Howie has done it all. From Wall Street to being a serial entrepreneur, to having his own podcast, Howie’s experience in the business world puts him in the unique position of seeing how the cogs of the diet industry work (and don’t work).

In this episode: 

  • Howie tells his story and explains why he became so invested in his health (2:44)
  • We discuss the broken diet industry and it’s 90% failure rate (4:50)
  • We consider the importance of mindset and why investing in your health isn’t a quick fix solution (11:49)
  • The implications of our healthcare system really being a disease management system (17:23)
  • We consider what it really means to be a health coach (20:43)
  • Howie talks about the need for support and an accountability partner as we change long-term habits (24:40)
  • Howie explains why he thinks movement is a key part of a healthy lifestyle (35:30)

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