Episode #130: Male Menopause: Fact or Fiction?

I figured it was about time that we give the guys fair air time, since we have spent the last few weeks talking about the ladies.

Today my conversation with Dr. Paul Goodkin was all about you men out there.  Our conversation covered a variety of topics, and I am sure there is something here for everyone. 

Dr Goodkin is a hormone specialist and works with both men and women. 

So for all you guys out there who want the scoop on testosterone and how best to support your levels, take a listen.  Learn about the difference between boosting testosterone and replacing it.

If you are having symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and depression, do you know that these things can be linked to low testosterone levels . . .  it’s not JUST about libido!

We talk about the alarming rise in infertility levels and what they might be attributed to, and of course how to address them and correct those challenges. 

Did you know that diet and lifestyle are directly correlated to low testosterone levels as well?

Be sure to tune in, this is a really important podcast for you fellows out there.

We talked about:

  • Testosterone, what it is and what happens to it over time
  • The most common symptoms of low T
  • The difference between boosting and replacing testosterone
  • The lab work you need to analyze your testosterone levels
  • Natural ways to boost testosterone
  • The diet and lifestyle choices that can deplete testosterone
  • Dr. Goodkin’s suggestions for dealing with stress
  • Why it’s key to address mental health issues, especially as a man
  • The myth that high testosterone levels leads to prostate cancer
  • The fact that low testosterone can lead to cardiovascular disease
  • Andropause – what it is and how it affects men

Learn more about Dr. Goodkin and his work

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