Episode #133: In Defense Of Women

I always love my conversations with Amanda Archibald. A longtime friend, colleague and fellow gene sister, Amanda and I always have discussions worth listening to!

This episode dives into the many issues facing women and the challenges they face as they navigate mid-life and beyond.  If you are dealing with symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, irritability, sleep issues and overall blah, you are not alone.  

We hear this all day long, and women are frustrated, angry, and sad.  Too often dismissed by the medical community, and left struggling to find real answers. 

Our purpose and passion is to help provide real solutions and real answers for women who have been left to flounder in the abyss of a poorly managed system.

Take a listen to this great conversation and we hope that it helps guide you in a direction that can help provide real solutions.

We talked about:

  • The common problems women face in mid-life
  • The lack of boundaries women particularly face at this moment in time
  • Why weight gain is usually a symptom of something deeper
  • How thyroid and menopause issues intersect
  • Why it’s important to listen to your body and be listened to by your medical professionals
  • The importance of testing to validate theories
  • How our genetic makeup influences menopausal symptoms
  • HRT treatment and replacement options
  • How to support our estrogen production through food
  • The lifestyle issues that can compound our problems
  • How to decide which supplements to use

Learn more about Amanda Archibald and her work.

Read a transcript of the episode here.

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