Episode #134: The Key to Radiant Aging

Who doesn’t want younger-looking skin?  Of course we all do!

We slather creams, lotions, and oils onto our skin and get all types of treatments in the hopes of keeping our skin youthful and radiant.

What if I told you that skin health starts on the inside?  Would you believe me?  

This is the topic of my discussion today with Vivian Antevy, a medical esthetician who wholeheartedly agrees with me.  

If you want to know the secrets to having radiant healthy skin as you age, you are going to want to take a listen.

We had such a great time recording this, it was almost like we could finish one another’s sentences.

We talk about all of the things we need to consider when it comes to healthy skin and healthy radiant aging.

If you think it is just about what we do on the outside, you will want to tune in to find out the secrets and trust me it goes way beyond potions and lotions.

We talked about:

  • The difference between a medical and a holistic esthetician
  • Why better looking skin doesn’t just happen from the outside
  • The fact that nobody has perfect skin
  • What radiant aging is
  • What causes dehydrated skin
  • The effect perimenopause, menopause, and hormones can have on the skin
  • Whether collagen is good for your skin
  • The fascia that attaches to the muscles and how to keep it healthy on our face
  • The benefits of red light therapy and Gua Sha
  • The importance of our skin as part of our immune system
  • The impact of detoxification on the skin
  • Why regular facials are important

Learn more about Vivian and her work.

Read a transcript of the episode here.

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