Episode #135: Gratitude And Its Many Health Benefits

The whole gang was in the house for this podcast episode. You often hear me talk about the things that I do in my life to ground and balance me.  I thought what better time than to invite the team in to talk about what they do to take care of themselves and how they incorporate gratitude and mindfulness into their days and lives.

We are all unique individuals and I always say it’s never about a one-size-fits-all all approach to health and wellness.  Well, that is quite apparent here at BIN.  It was so heartwarming to hear how our team practices self-care and gratitude, I think it’s beyond inspiring.

Join us in this uplifting and inspiring discussion. I truly think it will leave you feeling inspired to incorporate more gratitude into your daily lives. And if you are already doing it, it will encourage you to do more!

With grace and thanks. Wishing you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!!!

We talked about:

  • Our own practices of gratitude – what we have in common and what we do differently
  • Why gratitude is so important for our health and wellbeing
  • What gratitude really means and how to connect to it
  • Quantum biology, energy, and mindset and how your frame of mind affects your body
  • What longevity really means and how gratitude can help us get there
  • Why your relationship with yourself is as important as your relationship with others
  • Why gratitude doesn’t have to mean time spent journaling
  • Heart coherence and how radiating love can be contagious – in a good way!
  • Why self-awareness is the first step to making change and how gratitude can support that

To read a transcript, click here.

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